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Teaching Approach

My approach is especially helpful for students, beginning to advanced, who would like to study the piano, learn about music, and solve the complex technical and sound control problems encountered on the piano.


My lesson format includes:


  • Quality classical piano lessons - individually-crafted approach


  • Highly-structured  lessons with an emphasis on musicality


  • Supplementary study of music theory, history and ear-training


  • Preparation for performances and competitions if desired

    • Many of my students have placed in Bay Area competitions and several have gone on to careers in music


  • Ergonomically correct technique which is both fluid and effective for creating a rich piano sound, excellent for avoiding physical problems and discomfort

    • Including the Alexander Technique, which is good for all students who want to avoid serious injuries and pain from improper technical training


  • Complimentary performance classes


  • All ages and levels are welcome.

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